collage of Maury Epstein, music teacher

"Maury provided both
a positive and supportive
environment for me
to learn."

— Rabbi Adam Jacobs
Aish NY

Piano & Guitar lessons

Advanced jazz students

Specialize in teaching children ages 5 and up
(contact me for references of parents of current young students)

Private Lessons
Cancellation/Make Up Policy
Resources for Students

David Schwertg

Private Lessons

(All pricing is for lessons at my home at W. 145th St. or at my Columbia Teachers College location at W. 120th St.)

Lesson Time

Cost by the lesson

Prepay 5 lessons

Prepay 10 lessons

Prepay 20 lessons

1/2 hour


$175 ($25 savings*)

$300 ($100 savings*)

$600 ($200 savings*)

1 hour


$300 ($25 savings*)

$550 ($100 savings*)

$1000 ($300 savings*)

Group Lessons:

2 people, pay for 1-1/2 people

3 people, pay for 2 people

4 people pay for 2-1/2 people


Examples: 1 hour, group of 2 people paying by the lesson $97.50.
1 hour, group of 2 people, prepay 10 lessons $825

Group lessons and discount packages are available. Please call for details.

*An additional $20.00 per hour (of travel time) will be added if lessons are held at the student’s home.

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Maury with Ann Davies

Maury with Ann Davies (former Broadway singer)



A metronome is a small time keeping device.
Many students/musicians find it helpful as a rhythmic anchoring device,
for practicing new scales, technical exercises, chord progressions, and/or repertoire.

Manuscript paper

Extra picks and strings and string/peg winder (guitar or electric bass)

Music stand

Blank notebook

The following are books that many students of guitar/music use.
You may want to consider purchasing one, or more, of them.

For all guitar students - “Belwin’s 21st Century Guitar Grid Manuscript Book”
For beginning guitar students - “A Modern Method for Guitar, Vol. 1”
by William Leavittt (Berklee Press)
For intermediate guitar students - “A Modern Method for Guitar, Vol. 2”
by William Leavitt (Berklee Press)
For students studying jazz improv. - “The Real Book, Vol. 1”
Jamey Aebersold, “Play Along” (Book and CD)
"The Jazz Piano Book" by Mark Levine
Sal Salvador's "Single Note Studies"
"Flight of the Bumble Bee"
Ted Dunbar's "New Approaches to Jazz Guitar"

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Nicholas Vasquez


Cancellation/Make Up Policy

Students, please give 24 hour notice, or lesson must be paid for.
(If I have to cancel our lesson, within 48 hours prior to the lesson time,
you will receive a free lesson.)


Resources for Students

Maury's standards/jazz standards repertoire list.

All songs can by taught to and learned by
all students studying jazz or advanced pop music
and all instrumentalists and vocalists.

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collage of Maury Epstein, music teacher

collage of Maury Epstein, music teacher